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usgirlspic2014Hi there! Who am I? Well, I was a stay at home mom until our girls went to college. It hardly seems possible that I have been sharing my deals for over 7 years now. I took off work (well, it started as a layoff) to homeschool my daughter. She’s a bright kid that just couldn’t manage to sit still….at home we could bounce on the trampoline or run around the house to wear off a little energy between lessons. That worked until she started high school when she decided she wanted a “life” Little did I know that God had a challenge for us and we added my daughter’s best friend to our household after her parents passed away….being off work and trying to keep a budget became even more of a challenge. Now, after all of that, we find ourselves with two amazing girls starting their lives. I’ve spent my life helping people save money and learning how to budget. That didn’t stope when the family changed. I still like to share all those “finds” with everyone else. It doesn’t hurt to save money in every aspect of your life. So if you need to find a deal, need help using coupons, or just want to have a little fun trying to win a thing or two…I’m here, and I’ll help you. Have questions? I’m here for that too! Just put something in the comments or send me a message and I’ll do what I can to make your life a little bit easier!

Let’s go save money!

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