You have to use iBotta when you shop and here’s why….

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I don’t usually do reviews on phone apps but this is one I’ve been using for years and I don’t shop without checking it out! Ibotta is an app that you can use to get cash back on things you use and buy every day. On top of that, I’m able to stack my coupon purchases with my Ibotta to make my deals even better.  It’s a free download for both Android and IOS. Ibotta used to be a bit more “bulky” to use but they have changed a few things about how the app is used, and they’re all for the benefit of its members! Here are a few:

  1. No more barcode scanning.  i always found the most time-consuming part about using the app was having to scan barcodes before submitting a receipt. Now Ibotta rebates may be redeemed without having to scan barcodes.
  2. Multiple redemptions. In the old Ibotta, you used to be able to only redeem one rebate for one item. Now, a lot of the rebates can be used twice or more on one receipt!
  3. Easier to use. Ibotta has a “gallery” (where you find rebates) that can be searched by store or by category. It can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on how you’re searching. There’s now also a “For You” section that recommends relevant rebates.
  4. Choose your experience. When you open the app, you are given the option to choose the stores you use and to choose the apps you use. These are based on what is in your area, but you can still see national rebates if you choose.
  5. There is way more inventory. You’ll be able to find thousands of rebates within the app, with over 200 that will be stocked in Smith’s (our Kroger affiliate) alone.
  6. There are new mobile shopping rebates. Use Amazon, eBay, Sears, Petco, Petsmart Groupon and so many more! There are rebates for them, along with many other online retailers and apps!

Ibotta is simple to use:

  • Download the app on your device. Click here to join for free using my referral link! If you join, you’ll get a $10 BONUS just for trying the app!  Bonus will be applied after you redeem your first rebate. Note: When you join using my link and redeem your first rebate within 14 days, I’ll get referral credit. Thanks! And guess what? When you invite others to join using your link to the app, you can get referral credit too!! 

Follow the instructions to fill out your profile. Easy peasy. 

  • Explore the app. I always recommend doing this for any app you download. Start with the HELP section found under the Account button. Read about how everything works. Check out the Bonuses available, also found under the Account button.  Search through the Featured rebates, etc, etc.
  • Find Rebates! Search for rebates by category or store. I usually search by store since I have an idea of where I’m headed. If I have time, I go through all of the rebates and compare what is in the app to what is on my shopping list. If I don’t have time, I search for the things I need individually or even scan as I go in store.
  • Scan receipts. After shopping, make sure what you bought is in your rebates list, and click on the Redeem button. Follow the directions for your receipt. (If you shopped through the app online, then your purchase will be tracked automatically.
  • Wait for your cash back. I usually get my cash back within an hour, but it can take up to 24 hours.
  • Withdraw cash. This is the best part! Once you have $20 in your account, you can cash out by either sending money to Paypal or Venmo, or purchasing a gift card from a long list of retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Whole Foods Market, Uber, Walmart, Starbucks, and more.

You should really check it out. I think it’s one of the best apps out there!

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